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Mabella Design and Build – Our Partners create exceptional properties in Marbella (and other regions of Spain). Offering – if desired, a ‘one stop shop’ for your design and build needs .

Are look looking for a villa in or around Marbella ? Cant find what you want ?  Have you thought about building your own Marbella Bespoke Villa ?  We can help.

Many people are now choosing to design and build their dream from scratch – creating a property to the exact specifications and design that they want.  We can help you through the process,  from the plot through to completion.

Some clients just want to be called if a suitable plot is ever available in the Marbella Region, and we are more than happy to be your eyes on the ground for this.

If you cant find the plot you are looking for, but have identified a house, or area that you are interested in, let us know. We can approach owners tactfully to see if they would listen to offers on their property.

It is becoming more and more popular now, buying older villas and replacing them with modern design property in Marbella, and so your hands are not necassarily tied if you cant find exactly what you want.

We are delighted to work with bespoke developers who will help you fulfil your requirements, whether it is for investment, to flip, or a home to live in.





Land & Plots

Marbella Design and Build – Our Partners are a Leading Company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design. We have worked with the companies owners since 2006, and are delighted to continue to do so.  They have offices in Marbella, Murcia and Madrid, and the team has a real passion for design and build projects.